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More precise diagnosis and treatment of autism

Not all children with autism respond to the same treatment because not all children with autism are the same. NeuroPointDX is the world leader in understanding metabolism based differences in children with autism and other neuro-developmental disorders.

NeuroPointDX has demonstrated through its previous three studies of banked blood samples that autism is a spectrum disorder from a metabolism perspective just as it is from a cognitive and behavioral perspective. These differences may allow earlier diagnosis and more precise treatment based on the individual metabolism of the child.

Our Mission

To diagnose, inform more precise treatment and improve the lives of children and families living with autism and other neurological disorders.

The Management Team

The Management Team
Robert Burrier
Alan Smith
Beth Donley

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NeuroPoint is currently seeking:

LCMS Scientist

Please submit your resume and cover letter to Dana Kelly at  dkelly@neuropointdx.com

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