Joseph J. King, Ph.D.

Joseph J. King, Ph.D.

Director of Computational Biology

Dr. King is a proven leader and mentor in the field of scientific programming and bioinformatics with over 30 years of experience. During his fourteen-year tenure leading the development of the GCG package, Dr. King developed the processes and led the bioinformatics teams needed to support a large commercial software suite. The GCG package quickly became the staple for bioinformatics analysis everywhere.

In 2005, Dr. King joined Third Wave Technologies as a bioinformatics scientist which allowed him to contribute to the development of the company’s molecular diagnostic tests. During his tenure at Third Wave/Hologic, Dr. King created innovative solutions to help the company secure FDA approval for its diagnostic test, well ahead of much larger competitors. At Third Wave/Hologic, Dr. King demonstrated the ability to adapt to the needs of the business working in the roles of Principal Scientist, Senior Manager, and Director of Bioinformatics.

In his various roles, Dr. King learned an appreciation for the complexity, skill, and dedication necessary to bring diagnostic products to market. Dr. King brings experience in innovation and management of bioinformatics teams to Stemina as the Company begins its clinical study for its autism diagnostic.

Dr. King received his PhD in Genetics from the University of Georgia and his MS in Genetics from the Iowa State University.

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