NeuroPointDX has developed a new diagnostic tool for autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Help your patients receive an earlier autism diagnosis. The NPDX ASD test, developed for children as young as 18 months old, is now available. This blood panel identifies metabolic subtypes (or metabotypes) associated with ASD.

The NPDX ASD test can identify about 30% of children with autism. Order the test instead of suggesting “wait and see” to help your patients receive a diagnosis and begin treatment sooner.

Who should get the NPDX ASD test for autism?

The test is appropriate for a child who:

  • Has failed screening for developmental milestones indicating risk for ASD (e.g. M-CHAT, ASQ-3, PEDS, STAT, etc.).
  • Has a family history such as a sibling diagnosed with ASD.
  • Has an ASD diagnosis for whom additional metabolic information may provide insight into the child’s condition and therapy.

Please note: The clinical study was performed using fasting, blood plasma samples from patients 18-48 months old. Test performance has not been evaluated in patients younger than 18 months or older than 48 months of age.

How to Order

You’ll find the test requisition form, which must accompany the blood plasma sample, here.

Sample Collection & Shipping Instructions

To avoid delays, make sure the blood plasma sample is collected and shipped correctly the first time.

Understanding the Results

Learn how to read the report and consider next steps, whether the result is positive or negative.


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Where can I find out more about the NPDX ASD test?

Where can I find the requisition form?

Read our paper, published in Biology Psychiatry, which details the results of our clinical study.