Helping Children Receive an Earlier Autism Diagnosis and More Precise Treatment

Earlier Diagnosis + More Precise Treatment = Better Outcomes

neuropoint frontiers publication

Read our newest publication from the Children’s Autism Metabolome Project in Frontiers in Psychiatry.

The paper reports unique metabolic subtypes in 72% of the children with autism in the study.  The addition of a third validated test panel for these metabolic subtypes results in an overall accuracy of the NPDX Test Panels of 81%. Each subtype provides insight into the unique metabolic dysregulation of the child and helps inform more precise treatment based upon the biology of the individual.

We improve the lives of children and families living with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other neurological disorders by providing tools for earlier diagnosis and more precise treatment. We continue to look for ways to identify more children with ASD and to advise treatment that addresses their specific needs. Read read our publication in Autism Research.

The NPDX ASD blood test is a new diagnostic tool that may lead to an earlier diagnosis for children with ASD. Our test is validated by our National Institutes of Mental Health clinical study, the largest study to evaluate the metabolism of children with autism and published in the scientific journal, Biological Psychiatry.

Talk to your healthcare Provider (pediatrician, family doctor) about requesting our test for your child. Print the NeuroPointDX brochure which summarizes our company and our autism test for your Provider. Your Provider will receive the test results and will recommend your options for treatments.

Earlier access to specialty care and treatments improve outcomes

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