Understanding NPDX ASD Test Results

Example POSITIVE Test Result Report

Sent to the ordering Provider within two weeks.

PDF of Full Report


Includes the number of amines tested and the method of analysis.

Result Summary

This patient’s result is POSITIVE, which indicates the patient has at least one metabolic subtype (metabotype) associated with ASD. This section may include additional findings about individual amine levels.
Note: The positive or negative result is based on algorithmic analysis that compares certain amines levels to each other.

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For this patient, follow-up with neurodevelopmental specialist is recommended. We also recommend researching the recommendations in the references and/or referring your patient to a metabolic specialist for further evaluation.

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Metabotype Evaluation

Metabotypes are calculated using multiple individual metabolite levels using methods developed based on the CAMP study. The results are shown as the relative strength of the result on a sliding scale with the threshold being at the middle. Results to the right indicate a relatively strong observed metabotype, while results to the left indicate an increasingly low risk of ASD for each metabotype.

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Measured Metabolites Table

This table shows the levels of 45 metabolite’s used in the evaluation of metabotypes. Some of these may be outside the normal range even though they are not associated with an ASD metabotype.

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Test was developed using fasting blood plasma samples from children 18-48 months old. A child who receives a NEGATIVE result on this test may go on to be diagnosed with ASD. About 63% of children with ASD will receive a positive result on the NPDX ASD test.


Additional research, including NeuroPointDX’s publications on its 1,100-patient autism research study, are listed on the last page of the report.

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