About NeuroPointDX

A message from Stemina Biomarker Discovery CEO, Elizabeth Donley

As a parent of a young man with ASD, I know firsthand about delays in diagnosis and searching for solutions and treatments. We tried many of the well-known interventions — modified diet, dietary supplements, attention deficient medicine — the list goes on and on.

When I founded the company, we built a platform to measure metabolism in cells with a high degree of accuracy. Later we used the platform to specifically identify differences in metabolism that are consistent with an ASD diagnosis.

As the company evolves, we hope to learn more about the role our test plays in the larger precision medicine conversation.

Our Mission

We strive to improve the lives of children and families living with autism spectrum disorder and other neurological disorders by providing tools for earlier diagnosis and more precise treatment.

Our Company

Stemina Biomarker Discovery markets its ASD diagnostics through its neurological disorders business unit, NeuroPointDX. Our first-generation test to assist with the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder is the pinnacle of this work and has been our primary focus. We continue to look for ways to identify more children with ASD and to advise treatment that addresses their specific needs. Our work is also relevant to other neurological disorders that are notoriously difficult to diagnose and treat, including schizophrenia, depression, and anxiety.

Leadership Team

NeuroPointDX’s leadership team combines experience, innovation, and teamwork to accomplish the company’s scientific and strategic goals. Their areas of expertise include metabolomics, bioinformatics, intellectual property, law, cell biology, drug discovery and development, personalized medicine, genetic testing, and business management. Members of the team have worked at the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, Eli Lilly, EMD Millipore (Merck), Lineagen, and Alfigen, among others.

Elizabeth LR Donley, JD MBA MS

Chief Executive Officer
Stemina Biomarker Discovery, NeuroPointDX division

Robert E. Burrier, PhD

Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Research and Development
Stemina Biomarker Discovery, NeuroPointDX division

Alan M. Smith, PhD

Associate Director of Computational Biology
Stemina Biomarker Discovery, NeuroPointDX division

E. Robert Wassman, MD

Medical Director
Stemina Biomarker Discovery, NeuroPointDX division

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