Order the NPDX ASD Blood Test

Step 1. Complete the form to request shipment of NPDX ASD Test Kit(s) to you.

There is no charge for us to send you the test kit(s).

The kit includes the following items, and Clinicians / Providers may already have these available to them at their clinic:

(1) One insulated shipping box
(2) Sample collection and shipping instructions
(3) Purple envelope containing:

  • Biohazard bag with absorbent paper
  • 10 ml sodium heparin Vacutainer® tube
  • 5 ml cryovial
  • Return shipping label

Step 2. Download and complete the NPDX ASD Test Analysis Requisition Form.

This form must be included when the sample is shipped to us for laboratory analysis and TWO signatures are required on the form: (a) the Parent or Guardian, and (b) the Clinician / Provider. The test requisition form is a PDF-fillable form that can be downloaded, then filled out using a computer, and then printed. Or, the form can be printed out and filled in by hand. Don’t forget to indicate whether you want one Panel or both the Amine Panel and the Energy Panel on the form.

Step 3. Refer the patient to the laboratory for a blood draw that can store the sample at a minimum of -80 degrees C and ship it to NeuroPointDX’s headquarters on dry ice.

If your facility does not have the capability to draw blood and store it at a minimum -80 degrees C and ship it on dry ice, Contact Us and we will help you locate the closest facility that can perform the blood draw. In this case, the parent will then take the completed Test Requisition Form to the blood draw appointment, and the laboratory will ship the sample to NeuroPointDX’s headquarters in Madison, WI.

Step 4. Prepare for the NPDX ASD blood test.

This is a fasting blood test, so we recommend a first-of-the-morning blood draw.

Step 5. The laboratory should download, print, and follow the NPDX Sample Collection and Shipping Instructions below.

These are the precise steps required to collect and submit a blood sample to NeuroPointDX. Samples not collected or shipped properly cannot be analyzed, including inclusion of the Test Requisition Form with the sample. The price of the test includes all shipping costs. See Sample Collection and Shipping for an overview of the steps.

Step 6. Make your payment for the NPDX ASD blood test results, if you didn’t include your insurance or payment information on the Test Requisition Form or include a check or money order.

There are many different options to pay for our test, including online payment or by telephone.

Step 7. Test results will be sent to your Provider / Clinician who will share these with you and recommend further actions, if any.

Test results will be available within two weeks of NeuroPointDX’s receipt of both the blood plasma sample and full payment. We will fax the report to the Provider / Clinician listed on the Test Requisition Form when results are ready. Providers / Clinicians with questions about the results can Contact Us.

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